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This initiative from the British Red Cross shares resources and knowledge about human trafficking and safe migration to enable the Movement to support people experiencing exploitation, and protect people who may be vulnerable to exploitation.

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17 April 2021

Icons depicting different types of exploitation

These icons were developed in consultation with a National Society working group. They are available in different formats. Please go to Contact Us to make an enquiry about other formats.

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17 April 2021

Pocket guide on Trafficking in Persons – Action for migrants: route-based assistance Programme

The AMiRA Programme aims to facilitate access to basic services and the protection of migrants’ rights along the migratory routes in six countries in Africa, namely Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Guinea, Egypt and Sudan. This pocket guide covers what is meant by Trafficking in Persons, the difference between trafficking and smuggling, types of exploitation and how to spot signs of trafficking, and what to do if you have concerns.

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15 December 2020

BRC Staff and Volunteer Guide to Anti-trafficking – pocket-guide

A pocket-guide which covers what is meant by the terms ‘human trafficking’ and ‘modern slavery’, information about spotting the signs of exploitation and what to do if you have a concern about a child or an adult.

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