our work

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross works in the UK and internationally to provide care, support and protection programmes to survivors of trafficking.

Activities in the UK

Our anti-trafficking team in the UK provides specialist anti-trafficking casework and support services through a small team of anti-trafficking officers and advisors in the UK.

  • Your Space programme supports people who have experienced trafficking immediately after leaving an exploitative situation enabling them to access accommodation, emergency provisions and casework support so that can understand the choices available to them, and receive necessary support to take their next steps.
  • We know that people who have experienced trafficking need longer-term, tailored support to rebuild their independence and resilience. We provide casework support using a strengths-based, trauma-informed approach.
  • We provide support to people who have experienced trafficking who are outside of key systems, at any point where they may need additional support, including casework support and destitution assistance.

Our teams that work with refugees come across people seeking asylum who have been trafficked into or around the UK, or are vulnerable to being trafficked. We support people with subsequent issues, as well as their need for protection and asylum.

People who are trafficked are often separated from their families, and sometimes unable to find them. If they choose to re-connect with their families, we can help them look for their loved ones through our restoring family links service.

When local police or the National Crime Agency (NCA) conduct anti-trafficking operations, our emergency response teams often set up reception centres for exploited and potentially trafficked people. These are open 24 hours a day for a short-term period where we provide emergency provisions such as food, clothes and blankets, offer a listening ear and emotional support, and can also give first aid where needed.

Other teams across the Red Cross are also working to make sure that survivors receive support: all frontline Red Cross staff and volunteers receive training so they can confidently spot and respond to any signs of trafficking that they may come across as part of their role.

Support to the Movement

Internationally, we partner with Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world to help them strengthen their anti-trafficking support, through building up their knowledge, skills, tools and other resources. We have been working with Red Cross staff and volunteers across the world to deliver training and develop projects that put the unique vulnerabilities of trafficked people at their core. This could be through specific programmes or as part of other ongoing activities.

Research and Policy

In order to make a case for and evidence the needs of survivors of trafficking, we are part of a range of projects which use advocacy to bring about change and influence policies around trafficking.